Campaign Strategy

Delivering Measurable Results

At Direct Marketing Group you’ll find seasoned direct marketing professionals with an impressive track record of strategic campaign development for many of the largest direct mailers in the U.S. Our staff includes some of the industry’s top talents in direct response strategy, formatting, design, copy writing, and program planning.

Strategy: After a thorough discovery process utilizing creative briefs and ancillary market research, DMG delivers a direct mail campaign blueprint that outlines how we will quickly build a new and sustainable control package.

Formatting & Design: Once the plan is approved, DMG begins generating multiple formats and creative concepts that include preliminary headlines, sub headlines, Greek copy, and alternative images & graphics. While we believe the offer and list are preeminent to the success of the package, the design & format must effectively and efficiently present the offer. A great offer to an ideal list with poor formatting & design equals a sub standard response rate.

Copy Writing: DMG’s direct response writing team has more than 30 years of experience in writing exclusively for direct mail audiences. Choosing our words carefully…placing them strategically…and appointing them graphically will radically impact the effectiveness of a campaign. A great offer and design sent to the ideal audience can still fail if the copy is cluttered, clichéd, or unoriginal.


Campaign Strategy

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