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Targeted and properly cleansed data is the backbone of every successful direct mail campaign.  Whether used for vertical mailing lists or as part of an integrated customer database, DMG’s database marketing services provides a performance driven solution to our clients.

DMG offers the following services in order meet the unique needs of each of our customers:

  • DirectSource™ –  New customer acquisition is essential to every growing business.  DMG’s DirectSource™ database is the ideal solution for all of your data needs.  It is a recognized fact that transactional information is the greatest predictor of future buying habits.  DirectSource™ is a high value list rental file of active multi-buyers from a transactionally built database.  This premier direct marketing file provides over 220 million individuals and 165 million U.S. households.

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  • List Acquisition – DMG’s marketing specialists purchase millions of names per month for its aggregate client base.  We offer data segmentation expertise which helps to deliver the right offers to the right consumers – thereby reducing the cost per acquisition.  

    Our list procurement efforts will help build a customized prospect file based on the best lists available in the marketplace.  We are always seeking additional files to test for our clients and are on top of the latest industry trends.
  • Prospect Database  – Today’s higher mailing costs are forcing marketers to become much smarter about whom they mail.  DMG can put all of our data expertise and experience to work for you by utilizing our DirectSource™ database, list acquisition services and modeling/analytics to create a custom prospect database. 

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  • Alternative media – DMG provides its clients the opportunity to access multi-channel marketing through nontraditional medias, such as, email marketing, banner advertising, package inserts, ride-alongs, statement enclosures, and cooperatives.
  • Profiling/Modeling – Increased mailing costs and the need for improved ROI is creating an environment that requires marketers to mail smarter.  Turning data into dynamic marketing information system is a core objective.  From basic profiling to custom modeling, DMG provides predictive intelligence, strategic & analytic services, and marketing automation to maximize productivity and returns for our clients.  Our modeling techniques help to form a profitable strategy for house files or rented lists. 
  • Customer Re-activation  – DMG can develop a customer re-activation model that will allow you to use your customer file to its full potential.  Most mailers focus on the most recent, active customers.  A customer re-activation model will identify active buyers in the marketplace and allow you to present them with the right opportunity at the right time.
  • Cross-Selling – For clients with a range of products, cross-selling can represent a large value to the business.  DMG can help identify ideal customers for cross-sell opportunities based on their past buying behavior and demographic profile.
  • Data appends  – The most important asset for any business is its customers.  Utilizing DMG’s DirectSource™ file, we can append propensity interest scores to a customer database for internal analysis, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  In addition, this information allows clients to better understand trends and expansion opportunities within their own files.  By increasing the understanding of a customer, we gain their loyalty by giving them an attractive offer at the right time.
  • List rental enhancement – Enhance your house or third party marketing files by learning the buying habits of your customers.  Appended as propensity scores, the data in the DirectSource file can be used to select, suppress, analyze or create additional segmentation to your file or your affiliates.  Your promotions will become more targeted and your analytics more complete with DirectSource appended data.
  • DirectMAX™ - DMG’s DirectMAX™ applies the most recent address hygiene and consumer buying information available in the market to help ensure that every mailed piece reaches an interested buyer.  DirectMAX™ meets the USPS’ new “Move Update” policy requirements for mandatory NCOA processing – in addition to utilizing proprietary change of address (PCOA) tactics that locate the freshest records that NCOA cannot find.

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  • List hygiene  – DMG offers full service data processing services that clean, validate, suppress, enhance, and match records in order to ensure greater accuracy and higher deliverability.
  • Custom programming   – – DMG has the ability to design custom programs based on the specific project requirements from the client.  We build these programs using the latest IS tools and database development environments.

DMG’s facility is one of the most secure data environments in the industry. Because of its extensive experience in financial services, data security is an utmost priority at DMG. Our data protection measures include: sophisticated encryption, unique customer passwords, limited data access, disciplined data maintenance, physical and environmental security control, and comprehensive disaster recovery planning.




















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