Why Direct Marketing Group?

A Single Source Like No Other

“My staff and I have way too much to do...and too little time to do it!” Sound familiar?

In today’s direct mail arena we have found that our clients no longer have time to manage multiple vendor relationships, thus they’re looking for suppliers who can do more for them. DMG is one of few companies in the U.S. who offers its clients a single point of contact by managing the list selection, creative strategy, print production, fulfillment, and back end analysis – all in one operation.

By working with DMG, your company can...

...consolidate its vendor base, thus reducing the number of vendors and vendor contacts to manage per project.

...better leverage print volumes. By distributing revenue to fewer suppliers, your company can realize better pricing and improve your leverage within one operation.

...reduce production cycle times. When multiple suppliers are involved in the production process, many days are lost in transition from facility to facility.

...improve quality consistency. It is a widely known principle within manufacturing...the more hands that touch the job the more likely it is that errors will occur.

...build a more valued vendor/client relationship. The more services we provide to your company, the more we get to know you and your program’s idiosyncrasies.

Imagine...one direct marketing source. Talk about efficient!

Is your control package fatigued?

Contact Direct Marketing Group, we'll breathe some life into it!

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