Why Direct Marketing Group?

Nothing Measured...Nothing Gained!

Rarely do we engage with a client who is completely satisfied with their current response rates. At Direct Marketing Group, our list recommendations and creative strategy is 100% focused on yielding a greater response, thereby reducing our clients’ cost per acquisition. While other direct mail manufacturers focus primarily on costs per thousand, DMG looks at the big picture – increasing the clients’ ROI.

Our proprietary DirecTest™ methodology relies heavily on testing multiple creatives in multiple cells with back-testing and refinements based on meticulous analysis of all test results. With DirecTest™ we’re not guessing, we’re making strategic decisions. Our DirectMAX™ hygiene process allows our clients to optimize their mailing lists by reducing non-deliverable records and dramatically increasing response rates in their worst performing file segments.

DMG believes so strongly in its creative and list strategies that we are willing to invest along with our clients in DirecTest™ and DirectMAX™ or even a bounty-type program in order to “put our money where our mouth is.”

Most firms shy away from performance measurement...at DMG we welcome it.

Is your control package fatigued?

Contact Direct Marketing Group, we'll breathe some life into it!

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